Employment Letter Sample Template

This job offer letter template is tailored towards helping your company’s hiring process. We believe this template is a perfect resource for any hiring manager looking to improve the final aspects of hiring a promising job candidate.

Use this sample job offer letter template from employer to employee when formally offering a full-time position to your best candidate.



With reference to your application for employment dated [INSERT EMPLOYEE APPLICATION DATE], I am pleased to inform you that the management of [INSERT YOUR COMPANY NAME], has approved your employment as a [INSERT EMPLOYEE POSITION] with the company on a rank of [INSERT EMPLOYEE RANK], STEP 1, at a starting Gross annual remuneration of [INSERT SALARY AMOUNT IN WORDS] [INSERT SALARY AMOUNT FIGURES], same of which shall be reviewed after three (3) months of your consistent display of Strong competency for the role, high level personal leadership, impeccable ownership of the role, strong personal discipline, great culture and company value alignment, passion for the company’s strategic goals and an impressive capacity for delivery on the role.

Your expected start date is [INSERT EMPLOYEE RESUMPTION DATE], and as a performance-based organization, your full confirmation on this position, shall be subject, only, to a satisfactory completion of a [INSERT PROBABTION PERIOD] period of consistent high-performance rating on monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Objective and key Results (OKRs) and other deliverables, which shall be communicated to you in the course of your work with us. Details of terms and condition on employee performance as it affects your growth with the company as well as other conditions of employment, are as contained in the [INSERT YOUR COMPANY’S NAME] Employee Handbook.

For relevant documentation and the terms of employment, you are please requested to report to The Human resource officer, upon your resumption, with copies of all your educational certificates, two letters of references, one of which must come from a previous employer (or as communicated during your interview), and a copy of your resume.

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As this offer lapses one week from the date of collection, you are requested to indicate your acceptance on or before the expiration of this date.

Accept my warmest congratulations as I look forward to having you join us to grow a result-driven organization and take it to heights unimaginable.

Yours sincerely


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