How to Stand Out In a Group Interview

Ever been in a group in-person interview? Not only do you have to impress your potential employer, but you also have to focus on differentiating yourself and your skill set from other applicants.

Below are 7 quick tips to help you Stand Out In a Group Interview

1. Be Yourself
You should be genuine. Do not be afraid to bring the positive attributes of their personality to the office. Stay loose, and let the real you shine through.

2. State Unique Examples and Accomplishments
In this setting, you likely will only have the opportunity to answer a couple of questions. So make these answers count. Highlight specific accomplishments not just with numbers, but with visual stories that are easily remembered.

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3. Show You Care About Teamwork
Ask questions about how you’ll fit in with the group, how the team works together, how you can help the team, and more. Show that you care about teamwork.

4. Be Polite to Everyone
Beyond skill set and qualifications, the hiring team also looks at candidate’s ability to behave under pressure, work with others, and demonstrate confidence. Candidates who treat everyone with respect and friendliness, not candidates who try to take power from other people. Therefore, focus on being polite and friendly with everyone—not just the hiring team.

5. Point Out Problems and Their Solutions
As much as possible, research on the company’s problem and come up with specific solutions, then discuss them during the interview. By doing the homework on our business, it shows you care about the job. The best ideas always win.

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6. Show Up Early
If possible, be the first to arrive at the interview venue. Chances are you will get some one-on-one face time with the interviewer so that you can hopefully start building rapport before everyone else shows up! And, even if you don’t get the opportunity to speak one-on-one, it’s likely that the hiring manager will remember your preparation and eager arrival.

7. Show That You’re a Team Player
Trying your hardest to steal the limelight and impress everyone won’t do the trick in a group interview setting. Engage in the conversation, be yourself, and show that you can work and thrive as a team member.

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