What To Look Out For In A Job Description Before Applying For Job

What is a Job Description?

A job description is a clearly written explanation that outlines the essential responsibilities, required skills and experience, and key performance indicators (KPIs) for a specific role in an organization, to avoid confusion and mismatched expectations among candidates and hiring managers.

Job descriptions help manage job expectations, as well as help employers hold employees (both current and future) accountable for the jobs they are hired to perform, while holding employers accountable about the requirements of the job. They should form part of your overall compliance plan, and talent acquisition.

Understanding the importance of a job description helps you make informed decisions and take intentional steps toward jobs that align with your choice of job.

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Before applying for any job, here are a few things you should look out for in the job description.

Job Title: A job title often tells the position or post available in the company.

Overview: An overview of the job helps you with a glimpse of what a daily life of the role looks like and how it fits within the company.

Responsibilities: Generally, there’s a list that outlines what your days will involve. See yourself in this role already and be sure it excites you before you apply for the role.

Qualifications: Qualifications detail the essential skills and abilities the employer is looking for. This helps you decide if you’re really a good fit for the job or not.

Experience: Do you have the years of experience expected for the role?

Salary: Not all job descriptions have salaries indicated on them, but when they do, they shed light on the job’s value and how the company treats its employees. Weigh these against your salary expectation.

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