Why You Should Use Keywords in Your Resume

What Are Resume Keywords?

Resume keywords are short phrases or expressions included in resumes that directly relate to specific job posting. When applying for a job position, you can use keywords related to your individual experiences, academic backgrounds, and previous job positions. These keywords can include your credentials, skills, qualities and abilities. They can also include technical expertise or other requirements hiring managers are looking for in a role they’re trying to fill.

Using these keywords is beneficial because it allows hiring managers to review resumes quickly or use software with specific filters to track keywords. They can then determine whether candidates have the experience required to excel in the open job position.

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Resume keywords help to get the attention of hiring managers because it matches the job description; it makes your resume stand out among all other candidates.

Importance of Using Keywords in Your Resume

Keywords are important for tracking purposes. Most companies now use applicant tracking systems (ATS), a technology used to track resumes and screen candidates for jobs. The ATS software can eliminate candidate resumes that don’t have keywords matching the particular job description. That’s exactly why it’s important to add keywords to both your resume and your cover letter.

Below are some of the importance of using keywords in your resume:

1. Resume Keywords Help Your Resume Stand Out
Resume keywords help your resume stand out among a large number of written records. It helps hiring managers find your needs easily, especially if you’re applying to a large company with a large number of applicants. Using the right content can make your resume more accessible to potential employees.

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2. Resume Keywords Increase your visibility on Online Job Boards
Several job boards use a tracking system that prioritizes resumes based on keywords. Using keywords in your resume makes your resume visible in these job postings and increases your chances of being noticed by job seekers.

3. Resume Keywords Highlight Your Skills and Experience
Resume keywords help you highlight your work-related skills and experience. This can help the hiring manager evaluate your qualifications and determine if you are the right person for the job. It’s important to tailor your resume to each job application, using keywords that match the specific job.

4. Resume Keywords Help You Pass Matching Job Requirements
Most companies today use Applicants Tracking Systems (ATS) to scan resumes for specific details that match the job. This helps the company filter out unqualified candidates. Using keywords will make your resume pass the ATS test and get you one step closer to an interview.

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5. Resume Keywords Help Show Your Knowledge of Industry Terms
Use industry-specific terms on your resume to demonstrate your knowledge of industry jargon and to demonstrate familiarity with certain roles. This can help you become a candidate who is interested in the job and has the necessary skills and experience.

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